The cane I use at the  moment is Vic, from Oboe Shop, of 14-15mm diameter. It is a rather hard cane, but I select only the pieces that feel flexible after gouging. I’ve found this test to be very efficient so far. Reeds made with this cane take some time to play in and adjust, but they’re worth the effort. I’ve had good feedback from oboists as well as for my own reed making. It is a consistent cane, that’s why I’m starting to sell this particular brand. More options will be available in the future. I’ve chosen a decent price (I think), because baroque oboe players like/need to or should(!) experiment a lot to find the right setup for their own instrument and way of blowing, and that’s not so much fun when one piece of cane is more expensive than a coffee (in Austria)!

Total length of gouged cane: 80mm

Diameter: 14-15mm (on demand, which ever you prefer)

Thickness: 0.66-68mm (when dry). I take also custom orders for thinner gouges, specific diameter, colour preferences, texture, you name it.

Width: 9,5mm-12mm

Price: 1,80€/piece (VAT not included, according to austrian law regarding small entrepreneurs, but you will get an invoice).

Vic cane shaped by hand, 9,3-5mm at the tip, marked for tying at 6,7-6,8mm.

Price(euro): 3,-/piece