Who am I?

I am a modern oboe player who started playing the baroque oboe three years ago, studying to obtain a Master’s Degree in historical oboes at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, in the class of Alfredo Bernardini. I’ve been playing on my own reeds from the beginning (modern oboe reed making experience helped a lot) and I am always glad to share with other people what I’ve learned (blog coming soon). I enjoy the handicraft part of reed making, that’s why I’m trying to do as much as I can by hand. Selling my own reeds and cane will help me make even better reeds, explore more reed-making styles, make staples, buy instruments, buy books, etc. I know there are already some great options out there for historical oboe reeds and reed-making, but are there really ever enough good reeds and good cane? Try mine for a change! 

I play on a Ponseele Stanesby copy at A=415Hz, with a two-staple reed setup. I am inspired by great oboe players that I’ve had the luck to be around (especially my teacher), and I am always curious about what other oboists play on. I hope we meet!

Thank you for passing by!

Gabriel Grămesc